Tolerance for ID on Acrylic Tube

I know that the ID for the acrylic tubes is now precision bored to match the flanges, but it wasn’t like that on the old tubes.

The new 4" tubes have a stated ID of 101.6 +/- 2.1 mm. Is the tolerance really that bad?

Hi @psupine,

The ends are precision machined (not the entire inner diameter) to interface properly with the new locking end caps.

Hmm, that does seem potentially too large when compared to the outer diameter tolerance and the 2" tube tolerance - I’ve asked internally and will get back to you (I’m thinking the divide by two may have been missed for the 3" and 4" plastic tube inner diameters when converting from a value range to a tolerance about an average).

Following up on this, the tolerances as stated are in fact correct - the castings are indeed that variable.

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