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Custome autopilo can not takeofft with QGroundControl and MAVLink V2?

Hi All,

I am working on a custom autopilot and implementing MAVLink2 protocol to communicate with the QGC (QGroundControl). The problem I am having is I cannot start whatever the mission I created by using QGC. I can confirmed that the mission is successfully uploaded to the autopilot. Further, I can confirmed that ARMED command send successfully. However I can not send the takeoff command to the custom autopilot since the FLY tools (note: not Fly Toolbar) is not visible. If I upload the mission and go to the FLY View and slide the mission start it then it gives an error message as “Guided mode not supported by Vehicle”.

If I explain the procedure step by step:
Since I am a new user it does not allow to attached file or append more than one figure. So try to get everything in to one figure :frowning:

Once I confirm the Arming by sliding the slide bar I could not see any Fly tools to send the takeoff command to autopilot.

I could not spot any issue with the command what send from the autopilot to QGC. I test the heart beat by only setting the base_mode flag to Auto and Guide (i.e. MAV_MODE_FLAG_AUTO_ENABLED and MAV_MODE_FLAG_GUIDED_ENABLED) as well.

Any type of help highly appreciate.


Hi Madu, this is a forum for underwater vehicles. Try ardupilot forum

Oops it is my bad. Thanks Kaos.