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Custom pehd frame

I am making my own personalized pehd frame for my rov but my problem is : is it possible to drill and thread into pehd to assembly parts of thé frame together with screws ? Will it ne strong enough or do i need put something else ?
Cheers :innocent:

It could be fine, but if it’s something strength critical, or something that you need to take apart and reassemble multiple times, then you’re better off avoiding threading into plastic and using aluminium or marine-grade stainless steel nuts and bolts instead where possible, potentially with a washer on either side to spread the load.

Just try to make sure you don’t mix your metals - galvanic corrosion is a pain, rusty components are difficult to separate and remove, and salty water absolutely loves causing corrosion wherever it can.


Thanks for your answer. So I will use nut washer and screw as much as I can. And when a nut is not possiblex then I will thread inside the pehd :man_shrugging:

yes HDPE is very soft, as mentioned, avoid tapping holes for anything strength critical. We’ve used threaded inserts for HDPE, they work very well. They have excellent holding power, and mean you dont need to use washers/nuts etc. However, they are expensive and take up more space than a simple through hole for a bolt

Ok thanks for your answer! I think I will go for insert + loctite for thé sides since it needs more strength !
Have a good day

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