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HDPE panel for the frame


Hi, all.

there have been some scratches on the frame of my ROV2 after couple of swims. So I want to replaec it with new ones.

Any of you guys knows how to buy the same HDPE panels in the market? Best to be internet supplier and can ship to china.


(TCIII) #2

I built my first ROV chassis from HDPE that I purchased off of eBay.

(Adam) #3

Hi Alice,

If you are looking to buy some new side panels for your BlueROV2 (and not raw HDPE stock to make your own), we can supply these. They are our own design, and will not be available anywhere else- you can email us at sales@bluerobotics.com for more information, we have plenty of experience shipping to China!

Note that any scratches are purely aesthetic, and will not affect the functionality of the BlueROV2. The HDPE panels are designed to hold up to a lot of abuse and protect the rest of the ROV.


(Tim Pierce) #4

You guys told me “no” when I tried to buy a bottom plate. So I 3d printed one instead. You did sell me the mid plates though.

(Rusty) #5


We generally like to sell the panels in complete sets because we buy them in sets. Due to QC failures we sometimes have more of one type of panels than the other. At the time I think we were very short on the bottom panels. I’m sorry - didn’t mean to seem unfair about this!


(Tim Pierce) #6

Ok, no worries, was just wondering. Thanks


thank you! worth a try.


Thanks Adam. I will contact soon :slight_smile: