Custom ESC/Thruster Beeps? (DShot)

Hi, I am looking to use these tones as a tool to create particular alarms/tones inbetween static periods of the motor… can you connect me to a piece of code and/or direction as to how i can do so ?
cheers, andy

Hi @andybabbage, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The beeps are created by the ESC vibrating the motor back and forth, and the default beep sequences and levels are described in the firmware manual (see the BasicESC technical details tab). The ESC firmware already has an option to play a beacon sound after a specified time of zero throttle (default value is 5, so it never plays). If using the beacon is sufficient for your purposes, you can configure the beacon volume and starting delay parameters with BLHeliS Suite.

If you want actual control over when and how the beeps play, it seems like that may be possible with DShot commands (instead of the default servo-style PWM control we use), which is discussed a bit in this blog post. I haven’t used DShot before, so while I’m aware there’s some support for it in ArduPilot firmwares, I’m unsure about the setup and command specifics, and you may need to customise ArduSub to fully enable it and/or provide the control you want.

Alternatively, if you want the same set of beeps to happen every time, and don’t need explicit control over them, you may be able to modify the beacon functionality in the ESC firmware so that it plays your desired beep sequence instead. That would require re-programming the ESC, but would at least avoid needing to change code you’re using to control a motor with it :slight_smile:

okay thank you, yes I definitely want custom beeps, full control over timing, pitch and frequency. so as i understand blhelis suite is a firmware upgrade>? so can i upgrade this with your blue robotics esc, there is no need to buy a new esc, and im not sure how to upgrade the esc if there is no micro sd port… hmm

thank you kindly for your response


apologize ignore the previous email. im learning on the fly here, i see you are running bhheli fireware on the bluerobotics esc.
also i see you can flash the esc via an arduino uno.

also it seems like in order to utilize Dshot i must physically remove the filtering capacitor from the ESC in order to move from analogue to digital communication used by the Dshot protocol as explained in this video.

Hi @andybabbage,

The second comment chain on that video says:

I would recommend against hardware modifications where possible, so in this case I’d recommend at least trying without the modification first.

In addition, I’ve just seen in the ArduPilot docs that

Which may cause some issues elsewhere, depending on your setup (e.g. ArduSub vehicles generally use a leak sensor on AUX pin 6, and that can’t be transferred to a MAIN pin (because they’re not capable of being used as inputs), so to use 6 motors you would need to not have a leak sensor (or write some code on the Raspberry Pi that reads the leak sensor on a GPIO pin, and then sends a MAVLink message when a leak is detected, which wouldn’t trigger the leak failsafe but would at least provide some warning).

That said, I suppose you may not need sound on all 6 motors, so maybe it’s fine to convert just one to DShot and leave the rest with normal PWM control or something? As mentioned - I don’t have experience with this, so enabling it may require modifying ArduSub (or whatever your flight controller firmware is).

I’ve just seen another comment:

so you may not even need to change the ESC firmware.

Recall that my original link to our BLHeliS Suite/ESC firmware flashing notes was in the context of changing the beacon times, and was unrelated to my notes about DShot being a potential option.

From the BLHeli_S firmware manual:

The link about DShot commands in my first comment was to this part of the BLHeli_S firmware source code:

I’m unsure whether our BasicESC runs 16.6 or 16.7, so I’ve asked about it internally. In the meantime you’re welcome to try using DShot control, and if that works you can try getting sounds working.

this may not be an issue as im currently only running 1x t200 motor, future expansion (may) extend to a second t200 motor running in sync, current ROV configuration is tethered to a line descending and ascending,

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