Create two TCP connections for two ROVs on same computer?

Hi all,
I’m looking to connect both of my BLUEROV2’s to the same computer and instance of Qground control, and to swap between them in app.

They are both attached via Tether → FathomX → USB, and the configurations I’ve used are:

  • One companion pi has IP, and I’ve configured the computer side port to be,
  • The other pi has default IP values, i.e. and it’s computer side port is

I can ping both of the pi’s from the computer and access their companion side website.
In QGC, I’ve created two different Comm Links under Application Settings → Add ->, with the two comm links being:
Vehicle1: Type : TCP, Server Address :, Port: 5760
Vehicle2: Type: TCP, Server Address:, Port:5760

However, when I open QGC it automatically connects to vehicle1, and I when I attempt to connect with a specified Comm link I get the message “Error on link Vehicle2. Connection failed.” What I want to do is to be able to toggle between the two vehicles by disconnecting to one, and reconnecting to the other.

Any suggestions here? Is this an issue with my TCP port selection? Thanks so much!

Or maybe I should have used UDP connections for the vehicles instead? I’ll run this route and see if I get any further.

Hi @dalsub, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

These are the same, which would cause a conflict

Have you disabled the existing MAVLink endpoints on your vehicles and replaced them with your new ones? If the existing ones are still active then you may have issues with automatic connection to port 14550.

As an extra consideration, have you set up your video streams to go to separate ports? If not there may be a conflict as to which video stream gets shown.

We have previously found that UDP connections seem to work more consistently with QGC, although I don’t expect UDP vs TCP to have significant differences with regards to connection selection.

These are awesome points to consider, thanks so much for the details! Will report back if it any headway is made.

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