Cracked wires in battery compartment

Today I was inserting a battery and spotted the main power cables where broken and exposed. This rov has less then 2 hours in the water since we purchased it in December. I cannot imagine causing this damage in the maximum 10 times we have changed the batteries. This was a showroom model with supposedly zero flight time.

The assembly process for that connector doesn’t involve stripping the wires there, or soldering. From the factory you shouldn’t see any wire splice or join there. My guess is that either you ended up with a weird prototype connector for some odd reason, or at some point in its life sufficient strain to separate the wires occurred on that connector and someone tried to fix it. Badly. The good news is a replacement cable shouldn’t be that expensive.

Hi Edwin,

It looks like you got a very early iteration of the BlueROV2. I am almost 100% sure that you actually have a beta unit. We have since changed the potting method and added strain relief so that the wires cracking there is not an issue. We are happy to send you a new (and improved) cable and the strain relief. Could you email me at so that I can get your shipping information?



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