Battery Power wire leakage

as I said, the battery power wire is not tight. when we make positive pressure test, it has soap bubble .
we don’t know what to do to reseal it.the leakage is on battery side. we gonna dig up the epoxy and try to reseal it again.because it has leakage , the vacuum test always fail. what to do? tomorrow we have to operate the rov. any ideas?

Hi myat, if you have access to any epoxy or polyurethane i have had success putting heat shrink over the penetrator and shrunk it up to the cable entry then back filled it with epoxy. Its rough but a good temporary repair to get you out of trouble or If its only a small leak you could apply vacuum and fill the leak with loctite super glue and baking powder over the top of the penetrator to set the glue off and create a seal. I wouldnt recommend going deep though as this is very temporary.

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