Crack on the electronics enclosure dome


We have developed a crack on our BlueROV2. It has not collided anywhere. So far there hasn’t been any leakage but I’m worried it might happen soon with further usage. Is this normal? Kindly advise.

Is there a replacement for the dome by chance?


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Yes you can buy domes I think they are like 40.00. How deep did you go and I wouldn’t use that dome again ever

Hi @kjoshi,

No, if the dome has been used within its depth rating and has not been impacted by anything in or outside the water it should not form cracks, and cracked enclosure components should not be used (as @nfored suggested).

Yes, the dome can be bought by itself, although if you’re certain the crack wasn’t caused by an impact then I’d recommend contacting our support email ( to describe how you’ve been storing and using it, along with the order number / a rough order date. That’s useful for our internal issue tracking (if something is failing unexpectedly it’s good to have that data, to guide future design revisions), and if there’s reasonable cause for belief that we’ve provided you with a product that doesn’t perform to its specification then that’s something we should be replacing rather than you needing to buy a replacement yourself.


Thanks a lot for your replies @EliotBR and @nfored. I will take the appropriate steps and get it replaced as soon as possible.

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