Borken Piece, is this replacable?

Unfourntelty a very important piece has broken off of my Blue ROV2, one of the casings around the screws that unscrew to open up the main chamber has busted off (pictures attached).

I am wondering if anyone knows if this part can be replaced? whether that be through Blue Robotics or a third party. My ROV hasn’t passed a pressure test since this mishap, and I would love to get it up and running again before field season starts. Thanks all :slight_smile:

Hi @ruthduncan, apologies for the delay on getting to this.

From your pictures it’s unclear what is actually damaged. If it’s just the cradle extension or a stripped bolt then you should be able to replace that quite easily. If the threaded hole in the enclosure flange has somehow been stripped then you may need to replace the whole flange, which is still possible but would be a fair amount more work to do.

Hi Eliot,

No worries on the delay!
i am wondering if there a certain way to identify if it is just the cradle extension or stripped bolt? How can I know if its a bigger issue?

If it is the enclosure flange that is damaged is the next step just buying a replacment flange and replacing it? Or is there more steps.

Thank you so much for all your help! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks - Miigwetch,

Ruth Duncan

If you can screw a bolt into the flange then the threads on that bolt and the flange hole are likely not stripped (although it’s still worth having a look to see if there are obvious damaged/flat parts of the thread). You should be able to test that by trying to install the cradle from the other side.