Core Temperature as mini widget in Cockpit?

Is it possible to put the core temperature (as found in the heartbeat icon in BlueOS) on the mini widget bar in Cockpit? I searched “temp” in the custom field picker but all the field values were nowhere near the core temperature reported in BlueOS.

Those would be the temperatures of the Raspberry itself. Currently they are not being sent to Cockpit (a.k.a Cockpit is not fetching it from the BlueOS API). I opened an issue to track this feature request and work on it.

@democat I just opened a PR with this feature. Could you test it? You would use a VeryGenericIndicator to monitor that.

I will test tomorrow when I get access to BlueOS again.

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Nice! We just released Beta17 which includes this new feature!

PS: as of today you still need to be on the master version of BlueOS to be able to update your extensions (this should get back to normal in 3 days).