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Cooling for basic BLue Rob. ESC

(Darren Smith) #1

Will the BR basic ESC require cooling such as by fan or heat sink?

My installation is for an RC boat with two T100’s and two basic ESC’s. The ESC’s will be housed within the boat hull with little air movement.

Air temps may be in the upper 30’s © during usage.

(Rusty) #2

Hi Darren,

It depends on how heavily the ESCs will be used. If they will be run constantly, then they will probably need cooling. If they are only used occasionally, then they may not. For example, on the BlueROV2 the thrusters are usually not running most of the time, so the ESCs are fine.

For most boat applications I would recommend cooling because you’re generally running constantly.


(Darren Stanley Smith) #3

Hello Rusty,

That makes perfect sense. Cheers for responding so quickly and on a holiday weekend!


(Yuri) #4

Hi Rusty.
What is the maximum operating temperature of the blue ESC?
If you have the exact number its excellent if not I would like to have the approximate value.
Best Regards,

(Rusty) #5

Hi Yuri,

We don’t have an exact number but most of the electrical components are rated for 85C maximum. It usually run much much cooler than that in water.


(Yuri) #6

Hi Rusty,
Thank you for your reply.
Just to be sure - 85C is the environment temperature right? Not the
temperature of the ESC itself?

(Darren Stanley Smith) #7

Just following up here. I put some small CPU type fans on my ESC’s. With constant usage (50% power to the motors) they seem to be fine.

(Rusty) #8

Hi Yuri,

85C is the temperature of the ESC itself, not the environment.