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Puropse of Blue ESC

(Richard) #1

@Rusty-Why did you develop the Blue ESC? What advantage (other than it looks cool) over the stand-alone ESC.

(Rusty) #2

Hi Richard,

Unlike normal ESCs, the BlueESC is waterproof and water-cooled. It can be mounted externally from your enclosure, which saves space and eliminates heat buildup inside the enclosure. The water-cooling does and amazing job to keep the ESCs running cool and efficiently. It can actually handle a lot more current when running in water because of the cooling available.

You can control the BlueESC just like a regular ESC, but we also included I2C digital control, which allows you to have bidirectional communication with the ESC. You can send speed commands but you can also read back RPM, voltage, current, and temperature.

I hope that answers your question!



(Richard) #3

Sounds good, thanks.