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Control via Satellite of BlueROV?

Has anyone tried this yet, even given the latency? Any advice, including what NOT to do, would be helpful! I may have an application, but am a new user.

I haven’t specifically controlled a BlueROV over satellite link, but I’ve unintentionally had to operate one with a delayed video feed. Purely anecdotally, latency in the mid-100s of ms is manageable, depending on what you’re doing, of course. All the high bandwidth control is done locally by ArduSub, and for the low bandwidth stuff you can do some back-of-the-envelope calculations (for instance, expected frequency of current changes and appearance of obstacles based on speed and visibility). If that frequency is low compared to the satellite teleoperation link (I’d expect at least 1-4 Hz for the link), then you could probably expect acceptable performance.

One could do a test by adding latency to the network adapter on the BlueROV’s Raspberry Pi.

It’s worth noting that the latency will vary based on the satellite link provider. Iridium which uses low Earth orbit satellites would be the lowest latency but just barely able to handle throughput for usable video on their new services. All the other providers using geosynchronous orbit satellites would be higher latency, higher throughput, and cheaper. This problem will get a lot easier in the next few years though as all the up-and-coming LEO constellations (SpaceX’s Starlink, Amazon’s Kuiper, etc.) all promise low latency, high throughput, and low cost.