Control Van / Control Station

Show us all your control station/control van?

This is my Design for an expandable cabin-style pontoon boat, expands from 8x28 to 22x28.

Then my tether management system, with a baling-reel-style tether reel on the cage, spooling out tether as needed.

The boat goes down the road 8’6" wide and 28’ long. In the parking lot it can be expanded to 22’ wide.

The roof telescopes up on 8 acme-thread jacks, allowing 4’ tall side panels stored outside the 4’ tall lower side panels to be moved up to complete the walls. Roof lowers down to squeeze and secure side panels together. The 4 jacks in the moon pool area support an overhead double-gantry crane which lifts each ROV/tether cage independently and deploys them through the missing floor. There is a separate steel lift cable and a spool of RG59 coax for control tether. ROV’s are battery-powered and there are charging stations/spare batteries in the moon pool area. ROV’s are controlled from the control room, projection screens showing control interface and camera feeds. Solar panels on roof with 8 custom trolling motors providing dynamic positioning via GPS. Lowerable ballast torpedo contains batteries, weight will stabilize boat.
Original design expanded to 18ft wide, new design allows for 22ft wide.

The tether cage has a baling-reel-style tether drum which will manage 200’ of tether, provide additional lighting, a camera vantage point to view the ROV from, and additional battery power.