Subs In Schools - ROV build

Hi Everyone,

I have attached some links to the ROV that students that I teach constructed for the subs in schools competition here in Australia. I hope you like it. Its running 4x T200 thrusters with the navigator board in the center pressure hull. Tether is a 4 core cable with two strands providing data transfer and two providing power. No batteries allowed. The top and bottom plates are CNC’d HDPE boards. 3d printed one of the grabber jaws to suit the task, the tether thimble and the frame members holding the top and bottom plate are all 3D printed using PETG filament. No foam or ballast was used apart from the slice of pool noodle around the tether.

If you have any questions or suggestions please let contact me.


Here are some images of it out of the water.

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Amazing ROV!

I’m curious, does it descend better then it ascends, with the horizontal flat plate below your vertical thrusters?

If you’re sending power over the tether, do you have a safety system installed to prevent hazard?

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It descends better than it ascends due to the orientation of the thrusters. They are facing down. We did machine slots in the bottom similar to the pattern in the top plate after these pics were taken. You might be able to see it in the videos. This gave us better water flow through the craft.

We have a blade fuse inline between the battery and the FXTI box. That was the only hazard prevention system. The system runs on a 12volt battery. I can get an image of the whole setup if you would like to see it.

This was the cable we used for the tether, providing coms and power.