Control external GoPro via Bluetooth

Would it be possible to add Bluetooth or Wi-Fi control of an external GoPro to start/stop video recording with a raspberry pi as the companion computer?

I was thinking to use a GoPro remote and control the buttons with a relay channel but I thought it might be cleaner to do it with the onboard Bluetooth.

Hi @yeclek,

There’s some discussion here about underwater wifi - the range is apparently about 5-10cm, and you likely need an acrylic enclosure. At a guess I imagine Bluetooth would be similar given it’s a very similar frequency band, but I’m also unsure whether it has the same kind of broadcast strength (so it may not be as effective).

From what I recall there are also a few different posts on wired connections to control GoPros. This one might be relevant, and it may also be worth searching the forum for some others :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! I’ll take a look at those posts.