Connecting two T200 Thrusters to one battery

I am trying to connect two T200 Thrusters to one of Blue Robotic’s Lithium-ion Batteries (14.8V, 15.6Ah) for an autonomous surface water vehicle project. Is it as simple as putting the two thrusters in parallel with one another and connecting it to the battery, or I am oversimplifying the problem? Thanks!

Hi @jacobnihsal,

The T200 uses a brushless DC motor, so it can only rotate when controlled by a speed controller. Because of how the speed controllers work, each motor needs its own controller.

From our T200 product page:

If you’re looking for a “plug things in and go” experience, the simplest setup will likely be with one Basic ESC per thruster, and our Thruster Commander for control. The Thruster Commander provides a few different setup options depending on what kind of control you want :slight_smile:

Yes, I have those already for each thruster. I probably should have included that so that’s my fault. But I guess my question changes to whether you can just attach the two ESCs in parallel with the battery and not have any issues. Thank you for your help by the way.

Also, I am not sure if this is relevant but I am using a Raspberry Pi for the signal source.

Right, yes, as long as the battery/power supply provides a voltage within the valid range for both the thrusters (7-20 V) and the ESCs (7-26V) it can be connected directly to the ESC power wires, and multiple ESCs can be connected in parallel.

In terms of the signal you provide, you’ll need to ensure the current draw of the thrusters (at the supply voltage) stays within the current-capacity of the supply (battery), and that the signal stays within the valid range for the ESCs. A T200 at ~15V draws ~22A at max thrust, so two of them would draw 44A. Our battery has a “Maximum continuous current draw” of 60A, and each ESC can handle a constant current of up to 30A (depending on cooling), so that shouldn’t pose any issues.

If you connect additional thrusters you’ll need to reduce the maximum signal values you send to the ESCs to avoid damaging the battery, or at least regulate the signals such that the combined current usage of all the thrusters is within what the battery can provide.

That should be fine, but you’ll need a sufficiently precise library for controlling the PWM signals:

Thank you so much!

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