How can i run two t200 thrusters in raspberry pi4?

Hi. i bought two T200 thrusters and raspberry pi 4.

I use python code to run one thruster.

However i can’t run two thrusters…

Somebody send to me about run two thrusters code made by python??

I tried “pigpio”, “wiringpi” module but “rpi.gpio” is the best module i think.

Wating your answer.

Hi @JIHOON, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

What code are you running, and how have you set up/connected your power supply, Raspberry Pi, ESCs, and thrusters? If you explain/show what you’ve tried so far then we can try to help you determine which components aren’t set up correctly or need to be changed :slight_smile:

The RPi.GPIO library may not be precise enough to correctly run our ESCs, so it’s suggested to use a hardware-focused library like PiGPIO. See this post for details:

If you’re interested in a more abstracted library you can use GPIOZero around PiGPIO, as I discuss in this comment, but it’s not a requirement.