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Connecting Ping 360 to Ping Viewer

I’m having problems connecting the Ping 360.
The laptop and Ping Viewer recognises the UART com port.
On Windows the Ping Enabled button is grayed out.
On Linux I can toggle the Ping Enabled button but it doesn’t connect.
Where can I find the new device manager in Ping Viewer?

@gcelec You are going to need to use the Test Release t2.0.2 with Ping360: https://github.com/bluerobotics/ping-viewer/releases/tag/t2.0.2

I think it’s the wrong link on the Ping 360 Page that takes you here

The download links on the Ping360 product page should all point to t2.0.2, let us know if you find one that isn’t.

https://docs.bluerobotics.com/ping-viewer/#windows links to the old version

ping-viewer v1.1.1 is stable and supports only the Ping Echosounder. The Ping Echosounder product page and other site-wide ping-viewer documentation points to this version.

ping-viewer t2.0.2 is not stable and should only be used by Ping360 users at the moment. The Ping360 product page links to this version.

We expect a new stable release with support for the Ping Echosounder and Ping360 at the end of the month, at which point all of the links will point to ‘stable’.

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Hi @gcelec,

Thanks for pointing this out. We fixed the download button on the Ping360 page so it points straight to the right version.


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