Configuring FlySky i6x transmitter for forward and reverse throttle on ASV

Hi everyone- I built a small ASV using BR T200 and Basic ESCs. I normally use FrSky RX/TX but this time I decided to try out the FlySky i6x because it’s so stinkin cheap. The ASV runs fine in manual RC mode, but I can’t figure out how to configure the i6x so that the motors will operate in forward and reverse. Right now I can only move forward using the TX. In loiter, my ASV will use reverse thrust. Anyone done this before?

Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend!

Hi @nuballawalla,

I’ll start off by noting that we don’t deal much with radio stuff, so it’s possible you’ll receive better / more complete advice on the general ArduPilot forum.

Our Basic ESC expects servo-style PWM inputs with a pulse-duration of 1100µs for reverse, 1500 for neutral/stopped, and 1900 for forwards. Single-directional controls just have the low value as neutral/stopped, and the maximum value as full throttle, which may be what’s happening here.

From a brief look at an online Fly Sky FS-i6X Instruction Manual, the most promising looking features (to me, with my limited understanding of such systems) seem to be

  • endpoints, which I expect need to be set to 1100 and 1900
  • trim, which should maybe be set around 1100 or 1500 (or 0% or 50%, if it’s done as a proportion of the output signal)
  • subtrim, which should maybe be set around 1500 (or 50%)
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