Configuration of companion Raspberry Pi

We can’t use the default Raspberry Pi Companion computer image for our application. The OS version does not match the current version required for some of libraries required for our hardware.

Is it possible to build a companion OS or configure an off the shelf OS to work? I’m not finding much documention.

Hi @Tautala,

Companion is no longer being developed - I’d recommend you move to BlueOS instead if possible :slight_smile:

If absolutely necessary there’s an archived repository that unofficially allowed Companion 0.0.29 to be installed on Raspberry Pi OS Buster.

What version of the Raspberry Pi OS does this match? I need something compatible with this

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Our pre-built images ( from the releases) of BlueOS are on Bullseye, and I expect should work fine for your purposes :slight_smile:

If you’ve already got your Raspberry Pi OS installed, and don’t want to flash on a BlueOS image for some reason (e.g. you already have other software/programs on the existing one), then you can install BlueOS instead.