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Compressed camera data

Hi, my name is Matheus Conceição, and I work with the bluerov2, now I try to save data of sensors of bluerov2, I can see all sensors, but the camera when I try to save the data, have a “bag” (Command : rosbag record “topic”) with 1 GB or more, and have just 4 seconds of data, I would like to know if anybody compress the data of camera or if can be compressed, I would like to know-how.

I read the data with Mavros, and I have the command that shows the data on a topic, and I would like to save the data of the topic compressed and after I would like to see the image again.

the commands that I used to see topics are this:

on the first terminal:
roslaunch bluerov_ros_playground bluerov2_node.launch bluerov_node_device:=udp:localhost:14550

on the second terminal:
roslaunch bluerov_ros_playground user_mav.launch

after you can see the topics with command “rostopic list” and chose what command you would like to see use command "rostopic echo “topic” ", I used this commands to see data and save on bag, and I would like to use this commands to see data of camera and
compressed after.

before you use these commands, you need to install the BlueRov-ROS-playground on this link: https://github.com/patrickelectric/bluerov_ros_playground .