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Compass calibration

The compass calibration is way out even after recalibration. Also after moving rov to new bearing it changes to a new bearing but then slowly changes for a minute or so before stabilising but it still is wrong bearing.
Calibration has been done 10 times in an area clear of interference.
Any ideas?

  • Are you experiencing this behavior in the same area that you calibrated the compass or somewhere else?
  • How far does it drift before stabilizing?

The compass can still be affected by large metal objects/structures after calibration, but the accelerometer and gyro are also used to help reject anomalies. The filter settings for combining the data may be causing the slow drift/stabilizing that you describe.

The drift was in the same area that it was calibrated but I have seen the drift a few months ago as well.
The drift is usually 10 to 15 degrees. I will try and recalibrate in a few days when I get time from other work. I will try in a paddock I know has no magnetic interference and let you know the results

Compass Calibration was able to be done in paddock so conclusion is there was 2 much interference at last site. No drifting compass either after calibration. Thanks all