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Companion computer running at 80° C after updating

Hi all .

my BR2 was running an older companion ( 0.0.17 ) and an older firmware ( 3.5.4 ) with no particular issues .

It was not possible for me to update the companion and the PX4 firmware trough the companion web interface, because no updates were showing up ( I had a look to the related posts to make sure I was doing it right ) , so I had to manually update them by flashing the RPI SD card ,and then to manually upload the Pixhawk firmware trough the Web interface.

Both have been updated to the latest ( 0.0.22 and 4.0.1 , same for the QGC which has updated to the last version .

Since this update I noticed some more delay with the commands sent to the ROV ( the response of the ROV is a bit sluggish ) .

Here some pictures: The CPU load is running at 40-50% idle , with the temp going to 80°C and the " current arm frequency capped " warning.

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-01 at 03.11.36 (2)|666x500


The room temperature is not high ( it is around 27°) , I have also fitted a small heatsink to the RPI cpu , but with no difference.

the log of the ROV is attached
webui (2).log (797.9 KB)

any suggestions ?

Many thanks

we had the same issue of RPi’s SoC heating and clock reduction. We used a 5v cooling fan for RPi to solve this problem.

thank you.

Can you type the vcgencmd get_throttled command into the terminal and share the results with us?

Hi Enis ,
Thank you for your advice , I will give it a try when possible .

However I think I will get the same error codes displayed on the web interface , isn’t it ?

Thank you

Thank you for your suggestion ,

I will try to enhance the cooling however if it is not a common issue between the users there might be some other problems …

Hi david,
i am also facing the same issue, while the temperature is under 75 c the ROV working properly as the temperature exceeds they response become sluggish.
if you resolve the issue please let me know , i will be very thankful to you.

if i place a cooling fan on the processor , how it will work as there is no heat exchange within the enclosure? i really don’t understand. Help me in this regard…
thanking you.

Hi Muhammad ,

I have managed to fit an Raspberry Pi heatsink with fans to the CPU .

It is a tight fit but now the temperature appears to be under control .

Hope this helps .