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Color correcting the camera feed

(undersearobotics.com) #21

In theory it -should- be possible. If you google “raspberry pi color correction” you’ll find several posts by people attempting to correct raspi camera color anomolies.

Another approach which might work would be to use a second application to correct the color in real time, such as RoboRealm.

EDIT: or even better / cheaper is to use VLC! I haven’t tested either of these with QGround Control or the Raspberry Pi, but they work with other video feeds (ie. web cams) so might be worth trying.


Hi Paul, please notice that I am asking about the new Usb camera, the pi camera is easy to adjust directly from a browser :slight_smile:

(undersearobotics.com) #23

Understood. Any video feed into your topside computer, in theory at least, should be able to be modified. If not through QGC then possibly with a third party app. I have one of the new USB cameras here but haven’t installed it yet so am not able to test it myself.

VLC is free so might be worth giving a try.

(Jacob) #24

We have not set this up yet to adjust like the pi camera. It is possible to adjust the controls manually using v4l2-ctl, as discussed in the other forum topics that I linked.


Thank you for the reply. So the only way to setup the camera is by a program that runs in linux… Thats out of my league…


Any news about changing usb camera settings from either MacOS or Windows?

(Jacob) #27

I have not been able to work on it yet, but it is scheduled to be my focus soon. You can track the progress here:



IMO color saturation and light level is a bit low. Often light from the surface sets the level, but the darker bottom is what I am trying to see…