Cohabitation BlueROV1 and BlueROV2

Good evening,
We have a BlueROV1 and a BlueROV2.
Is it possible to use the same version of QGC to use both? or how to install 2 different versions of QGC on a single computer?
Is not that going to cause problems?


The BlueROV 1 was sold as a ‘developer kit’, without control electronics. The answer will depend on what electronics you put in the BlueROV 1, I will assume you outfitted it with something running ArudSub.

In this case, it is not possible to operate both ROVs from the same computer at the moment. You can use the same version of QGC, it just needs to be running on two different computers to operate two different ROVs simultaneously.

Good evening,
We have not yet tried to avoid the problems because we soon make an initiation with 50 children, We will try after.

Anyway, thanks