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Can you run two ROVs on the same software?

Here is my problem:

I have a BlueROV2, and my own home-built. They have never been operational at the same time, but we are reaching that point that I may in fact have two functional ROVs.

Before I purchased the Blue I had my home-built running on ArduSub with an electronics and thruster setup similar to the BlueROV 1. It was running fine on Ardusub previously but after a rather significant flooding incident, I retired it while I totally replaced the electronics housing.

At that time I decided to complete the BlueROV2 kit and run it while waiting for the time; and more importantly-- money, to get my home-built back up and running.

After a year an a bit, I’m almost ready to get the home-built back in the water but, I don’t want connect it to the laptop running QGC for the Blue if it is going to mess up settings.

Is this a real concern? or is the program able to differentiate between two different vehicles with different layouts?

Just as a note: I am not looking at running them simultaneously, just off the same base station software.

Hello Andrew,

Most of the ROV settings are saved at the Pixhawk, so you should be fine.

Excellent thank you.