Choice of pixhawk/flight controller


I am currently developing a custom ROV modified from a BlueRobotics ROV. I am wondering if someone has any insights in the different autopilots choices (mostly pixhawk versions).

The reason is that my current setup uses a pixhawk with a cube-black attachment, and as I can’t access background processes I would like to upgrade to a hardware where it is easier to debug these problems. Thus I have been looking at pixhawk 4 with orange and yellow cube as well as pixhawk 5X and pixhawk 6C. My main focus is to uses the pixhawk and access terminal with background processes without needing ardupilot as well as being able to use it for a couple of years without it becoming discontinued.

All inputs are appreciated, regards Håvard.

Hi @havard, welcome to the Blue Robotics forum :slight_smile:

We have a comparative overview of autopilots which we actively support for use with ArduSub in our technical reference.

I’m not really sure what you mean by ‘background processes’ here, or what you’re trying to achieve - are you running / wanting to run completely custom firmware that isn’t ArduPilot based? If so your best bet might be the Pixhawk category on PX4’s forum. Blue Robotics (and as far as I’m aware the community here as a whole) don’t really stray much from ArduSub / ArduBoat, so we likely can’t help much with unrelated autopilot firmware development / usage.

Feel free to clarify / follow up if I’ve missed what you’re asking about :slight_smile:

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My goal is to run custom firmware that isn’t Pixhawk based yes. My problem was accessing more information on what my controller was actually doing as my pixhawk 2.1 CubeBlack did not give a lot of information through the QGroundControl software. I upgraded to a pixhawk 4 which solved this problem. I am trying to run without ArduPilot so it might be better to use the PX4 forum for these kind of questions. Thanks for recommending, and thank you for your trouble :slight_smile:

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