Changing thruster direction

I don’t want to make a mistake. I have 2 thrusters that need to be reverse. 1 cw to ccw and 1 ccw to cw.
I can’t move them but I can switch the propellers. Does switching the propelers will work or I also need to invert the wires on the ESC?

thank you

Hi @Charles,

Swapping from a clockwise propeller to an anti-clockwise one will reverse the flow of water given the same input signal. Switching two of the phase wires between the ESC and the thruster is an alternative way to reverse the direction, so you only need to do one, not both.

Hi Eliot, when installing a ccw and cw thrusters, it is to compensate the torque no? I don’t want to reverse the flow of water? I realise that my thruster configuration is wrong and I want to go from "My actual config " to the “Typical BR2 Heavy config” see picture.
I plan to swap the propeller of thruster 2 and 3.

thank you

Ok, that adjustment should work fine to fix the torque offsets, but you’ll need to re-run the motor direction detection / configuration because the thrusters with the changed propeller directions will need to be set to spin the other way :slight_smile:

I am back about this!
Typical twin propeller for boat seem to have 1 CW and 1 CCW side by side to produce forces. They will turn in oposite direction and the blade are symetrically opposed. Why it is not the case with the 6 and 8 BR thrusters configuration? Front end thruster have the same motor direction and same blade symetry. Back end thruster are the other way around.

In other words, the " my actual configuration" in the sketch from my previous post above correspond to what I can find on the net for twin propeller boat. They turn in opposite direction and blades are symetrically inverted.
Obviously there is something I still don’t understand!

I’m not sure why this is the case (it would make the most sense to me if thrusters 1 and 3 had their propeller orientations swapped), so I’ve asked internally as to whether there’s a particular reasoning for the current frame configuration, and will follow up.

Following up on this,