Changing PWM_AUX_RATE of Pixhawk

Is there a way to change the PWM_AUV_RATE of the pixhawk output ? It is not listed as part of the parameters list. I tried using mavlink console but pwm app is not loaded. Is there a way to change it without recompiling the firmware ?


It’s not clear what you are trying to change. Can you explain more, and provide some reference to where you see PWM_AUV_RATE?

sorry for the typo . it is PWM_AUX_RATE . I would like to change the frequency of the auxiliary PWM outputs from 50Hz to at least 200Hz. I believe this is PX4 level setting ? We have a external driver that requires at least 200Hz PWM and I would like to use one of the auxiliary channel from the pixhawk for that purpose, since we have heavy configuration ROV, all the 200Hz channels have been used up for the thruster controls

There is no parameter named PWM_AUX_RATE. The main outputs pwm frequency can be changed with RC_SPEED parameter, but aux channels are always 50 Hz.