Changing Propellers

Hey everyone,

So I want to change the propellers from the thrusters. Unfortunately, I can not take it out of the holding.

What should I do? Not really planning on braking it…

Thank you very much

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It actually seems that the barring is slightly smaller than the hole from the propellers

Losen the hex screw in opposite end to prop (cable end):

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Hi @cmchappuis,

You have removed the two screws necessary to remove the prop, it will come off if you just pull on it now. You have also removed one more screw than necessary, the setscrew that tightens against the shaft does not need to be removed, and should be replaced.

The setscrew on the shaft collar that Bo Koppel is referring to does not need to be removed either, you would only take that off you you wanted to remove the entire rotor, not just the propeller.


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