Celsius sensor Pixhawk 4


Is it possible to connect the celsius sensor directly to Pixhawk I2CA port? How should the cable orientation on the JST connector be?

Hi @uchiha,

Yes, but there are integration issues at the moment - it can stop the Bar30 from working correctly if you’re using both (via an I2C splitter).

Not sure what you mean by this - the connectors only plug in one way.

Never mind. But how do I read data from it? I got it hooked up to my pixhawk but can’t see any data in mission planner or QGC. I am running ardurover for boat

All the ArduPilot firmwares should have the relevant library code available, but they might not be set up to use it. It’s possible there are some parameter values you need to set that are different to what ArduSub uses, and/or you may need to build a custom firmware that enables the sensor.

Questions on that are likely best posed on the general ArduPilot forum, since we’re not maintainers of ArduRover, and don’t currently provide support for it. You’re after TSYS01 support from the AP_TemperatureSensor library :slight_smile: