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I2C level converter with temperature sensors in pixhawk

(esat) #1

Celsius Fast-Response, ±0.1°C Temperature Sensor (I2C) How can ı use this sensors in pixhawk?And ı am currently using QGC.
Thank you.

(Adam) #2

Hi esat,

You don’t need to use an I2C level converter if using a Celsius with a Pixhawk, the logic is already at 3.3v. Simply plug the sensor in to the Pixhawk I2C port. ArduSub and our version of QGC have native support.


(esat) #3

Thank you Adam.How can ı get data in QGC?

(Adam) #4


ArduSub and our version of QGC have native support for the Celsius temperature sensor. Simply check the option to display “Hi-res Water Temp.” in the Value Widget Setup (gear icon next to artificial horizon).


(esat) #5

I don’t see “Hi-res Water Temp.”. And ı saw temperature(1),temperature(2) and temperature(3). I choosed temperature(3) and nothing has changed.

(Kaos) #6

Temp 3 shows that you need to update. Update thru bluerobotics links coz they maintain it themselves.
Check that it has good connection on pixhawk and in right port

(Jacob) #7

You can get our recommended version of QGC here: http://docs.bluerobotics.com/downloads/

(esat) #8

Thank you for your reply.But I downloaded new version and I didn’t see temperature.

(Jacob) #9

How is the sensor connected? What version of ArduSub are you using?

(esat) #10

I plug in I2C.(https://www.bluerobotics.com/store/electronics/celsius-sensor-r1/) (in pixhawk)
And I use the latest version.

(Jacob) #11

Please make sure you are using ArduSub 3.5.3. You can look at Vehcle Setup -> Summary -> Frame -> Version in QGC.