Cat5 (or similar) cable to connect additional electronics tubes

I’m building several small electronics tubes to attach to the BlueROV2, and would like to connect them via Ethernet to the main electronics tube. My plan is to use something akin to Cat5 with passive PoE. I’ve read the various discussions here, but they’re mostly focused on the tether, where tensile strength is a key consideration, and buying by the spool makes sense. I’m looking for something good enough to submerge to 100m. RJ45 connectors would be a bonus. Strictly speaking I don’t need 4 twisted pair for passive PoE: 2 twisted pair plus 2 power wires will be enough. I’m a bit bewildered by the choices in cables, and I don’t really need 100’s of feet. I imagine that somebody must have done this before… any pointers?



You can get shorter lengths of the BR tether in the Dents and Dings section of the store:

Thanks for the link to Dings and Dents. Ideally I’d be able to use a 6mm penetrator, as I’m using the 2" series tubes. But this is a good backup.

Hi Clyde,

The 6mm and 8mm penetrators both have the same OD and 16mm flats, so they will both fit a 2" enclosure just fine. The only difference between them is height and the ID for the cable.


New plan: I’m now looking for 4 wire USB cable, shielded, stranded, 24AWG. Where does one find a few meters of this? I see the 3-wire Lumen Cable – that would be perfect if it had 4 wires.