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Camera Trigger on ArdusSub


Would it be possible to enable the camera trigger on ArduSub?
Our plan is to create an autonomous surface survey drone that swims on the surface of the water taking pictures of whatever is visible in shallow water.

I saw that there’s a survey planner on qgroundcontrol and theres a selection for a custom camera. We’re planning to use a raspberry pi and the provided camera with it as the video feed and to take pictures with. Our autopilot’s a Pixhawk 2 Cube with a Here GPS module.

We’ll figure out how to do the hardware side of things like wiring the pixhawk to the RasPi to trigger a GPIO pin and run a script to take a picture, we just need to know how to configure ArduSub with a camera trigger. I know it says it’s disabled and we’ll build our own ArduSub if we have to.

Out of interest what do you want to the camera? A GPS position, or do you mean manually trigger it when required?


At the moment, you can use the relay or servo joystick button functions which would amount to the same thing as the camera trigger button, just under a more generic name.

In the future, we can add support for automatic triggering at distance or time intervals as part of an autonomous mission.

  • Jacob

We’d like to use the survey or waypoint function that triggers regular cameras to trigger a raspberry pi camera instead.

I’ll look into that!
That’s too bad, so it looks like the camera trigger for survey missions and way point aren’t implemented yet…
If ever, we have a couple of programmers on board that are well versed in C based languages mostly with Arduino based systems.

Hello, has there been any progress on camera trigger since 2017? I couldn’t see any reference to anything in recent posts.
We are building a towed sub with nadir mounted 20mp camera for bottom transect surveys. It also has HD video recording on board plus a live feed to the surface. We plan to use ardusub on board for altitude hold but also require camera trigger based in distance travelled. Gps will be provided from the surface tow vessel. This functionality will be important if ardusub is to move beyond just ROV live inspections and video.