Camera not working

I’ve extended the wires on the usb low light cam busy about 50mm and it’s not working, no camera feed at all. Continuity checked all is good.

Is there a specific length the cable doesn’t work beyond? Cut out the extension and reverted back to normal (minus 20mm) and seems to work.
Will need to add another section in to get full functionality as at present I can’t tilt without pulling the wires.

Hi @Davie260563 -
It’s important to keep the data lines, green and while, tightly twisted together. It should be possible to extend it up to a few feet, as long as these wires are twisted together!
Can you share pictures of how you are routing the camera cable? If it is in a standard BlueROV2, it should be possible to route the cable in such a way that the length is sufficient, and does not pull on the unit when tilting…

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Thanks Tony, sorry it’s been one of those days.

It’s seems my data wires weren’t tight enough. All good thank you. :pray: .

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