New Low-Light HD USB Camera- Short cable

I replaced the older camera that came stock with the ROV2 with the new Low-Light HD USB Camera.
the USB cable is about 1" too short. The cable had to bend sharply at the USB connector to make up for the lack of panning. the pins actually came out of the socket.
I have it working but am limited to down tilt before the cable is tight.
recommend adding about 1" more of thin 4-wire length.
thank you!

Hi Doyle,

The cable is a bit tight and we’ll probably make it a bit longer in the future but we’ve been able to integrate it just fine on the BlueROV2. You can safely bend the cable at a very sharp angle near the big USB connector and then I’d recommend using a zip tie to hold the cable to the tray, pulled forward a bit to leave slack on the camera. I’ll try to get a picture of that tomorrow.