Low light USB camera cable too short

I find the USB cable supplied with the new camarea too short. It would be good if the cable was 200mm long. I have to cut and extend the cables for proper installation and avoid kink on the wires. .

Hi Oystein,

Thanks for the feedback. We have made the cable a little longer now and I think it works better. Feel free to email us at support@bluerobotics.com if you’d like to get a replacement cable with your next order.


All good Rusty, problem solved. Just a heads up really.

Totally agree. I have some pull on wires when tilting down tweeking the camera a bit. Very difficult to install getting to this point.

My reply was in response to cable being too short.

Hi Doug,

We can send you a slightly longer cable if you need it. The first batch worked, but it was a little short. Shoot me an email if you’d like to do that.


Hi Rusty, Yes would like longer cable. Also, I see you have captive inserts now for the frame. Any chance I could get some as I already have two pulled as it is now.
Doug Trail


I have been away for a while in a jungle funny enough. I ordered my new camera yesterday.

Did I get the longer lead?



Hi Julian,

Yes! They’ve been shipping with slightly longer leads for a while now.


Roger that, thanks Rusty.