Camera for Video Conferencing Systems

Realizing the imaging needs of video conferencing systems, telepresence robots, and avatar robots, e-con Systems has launched e-CAM83_USB, an 8MP color, UVC compliant USB 2.0 high speed camera with dual stream support and High Dynamic Range.

Watch this video to know more:

The dual stream capability of this camera allows it to deliver two streams with different resolutions simultaneously. While one of the streams can be used by the AI algorithm to identify the speaker by analysing his or her facial features and lip movements, the other stream can be used for video recording and remote streaming. While this can be done using a single stream, having two separate streams at the required resolutions makes the job easier for video conferencing systems, telepresence robots, and avatar robots.

e-CAM83_USB also comes with the High Dynamic Range feature that helps to capture image data in challenging lighting conditions without any detail loss. The H.264 video encoding capability of this camera ensures high-quality transmission of full-motion video by consuming a minimal amount of bandwidth.

e-CAM83_USB is a Microsoft Teams compliant camera, which certifies its ability to enable a superior video conferencing experience for the users. Being a Teams compliant camera, eCAM83_USB meets all the necessary image quality requirements not just for Microsoft Teams, but also for any remote streaming application such as Zoom, Webex, Skype, etc.

In addition to this, e-CAM83_USB is also suitable for ATM kiosks and airport kiosks with its capability to enable facial recognition and demography analysis.

Hi @kevinjackson,

Similarly to my comment on your last post, could you please provide some explanation about how this product is relevant to underwater robotics?

While the camera’s capabilities may actually be of interest to the community, that’s up to the poster (you) to describe, and is what this kind of post should be about. As is, the marketing spiel you’ve copy-pasted here is quite off-topic for this forum, and future similar posts will be marked as spam and deleted.

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This post might be helpful for the readers. It is not about spaming. I am sharing here to help people.

I appreciate that you’re trying to be helpful, but video conferencing, facial recognition, and kiosks aren’t relevant to underwater robotics. We encourage community members to share information about products that may be useful within the underwater robotics domain, but that information should be shared in a way that is targeted to the relevant use-cases.

As an example, if someone really likes a pair of headphones, sharing purchase links on this forum and talking about how good the music sounds is an ‘off topic’ and spam post - it’s not relevant to what this forum is for, regardless of the fact that many people on the forum may happen to enjoy listening to music, and may even want to buy the headphones.

Cameras can definitely be relevant to underwater robotics, but not every camera is well suited to that environment/use-case. An infrared-only security camera would likely perform very poorly in an underwater environment, for example, so generally wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) be discussed here.

In this case things the specification details (8MP color, UVC compliant, USB 2.0, dual stream, high dynamic range, H264 encoding) could be relevant and of interest, but much of the rest of the post is a generic marketing pitch for the camera ‘in general’, and isn’t relevant to the community here, which makes it spam. It’s fine for that extra information to be present on a product page or something that gets linked to, but the content in a post on this forum should be targeted at and focused on the topics the forum is about.

Hopefully that makes sense :slight_smile:

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