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Cad.bluerobotics.com not working?

I’m able to ping the site, but I can’t get anything to download. Is it working for other folks?

Hi @corndog,

There’s nothing directly at cad.bluerobotics.com but most of our downloadable files are stored there. If you’re looking for a CAD model of something, please visit the product page and check out the Technical Details tab.

For example, here’s a link to the T200 thruster model: http://cad.bluerobotics.com/T200-THRUSTER-R1.zip


Yeah not trying to visit the site, just trying to download stuff for the last few days like from your link and it never works. It times out saying “Failed - Network Error”. Figured it out though. Anything from cad.bluerobotics.com doesn’t seem to like dynamic IP addresses. I’m rural and recently started with ATT wireless for home internet and the IP address changes super frequently.