Building a turtle drone

I live on a lake with a bunch of turtles, baby ducks, geese, snakes, etc. I’m designing and building an underwater drone that will look like a turtle, with a camera on a neck that can be lifted above the water surface, and can look left and right. The idea being I can swim alongside say some baby ducks and get nice close-up video.

The water will be ducted thru the shell, so no props will be visible.

All being done in fusion 360, which I am climbing the steep learning curve of working with surface modelling.

Progress so far, have props and mounts 3d printed

more pics here:


Hi @runchman, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

What a cool project idea - I’m keen to see how this develops! :smiley:

Looking great so far - thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I’ve bumped up your forum trust level, so you can share more images here directly (with the added benefit of stripping out the metadata).

Some more pics, been fusion 360 designing carriers for the parts inside the water-tight tube.