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Bruno the snorkeling buddy

Hello everyone,

I don’t know if anyone reading this has experienced bringing family out for snorkeling with kids and wife that are afraid of water.

Being an avid diver/snorkeling person I wanted to make a solution that would help my wife feel more comfortable in the water and allow her to swim as fast as me.

This got me thinking and I built this prototype using 2x T200 thrusters. My nephew called it Bruno the Snorkeling buddy.

I never imagined the success I got over the weekend when we tested the prototype.

My young nephew who is 6 years old who can’t go in the water without clinging to her mother was perfectly content with clinging to Bruno instead.

I ended up going for a 2km snorkeling adventure and found it to be very useful even for me. The compartments allowed be to store some drinking water, towel and a snack. The propulsion helped we cross some sections that were featureless. The shade prevented me from being sunburned…

Still a lot of improvements to be made like getting the voltage up to 20V to get more thrust and a changeover switch for a second battery but I am sure it will turn out to be a great product for familles and resorts.



What an awsome idea! where did you find the outriggers to make it?

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Making a mould for this would have been too expensive.

I searched for a day until my randomness took me to kayak outrigger.

They come in different size and shapes.

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Fantastic Etienne.

Wow, that’s awesome!!!

@etienne ,

may you post a link where someone can buy these outriggers?


Just search for Kayak outrigger on Alibaba.