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BROV2 Garage Sale

Selling off some goods and I’ll be updating this thread as I go through things over the weekend. Location in Northern California about an hour east of Sacramento. All prices are USD. Unless otherwise noted, shipping is on your dime, but I’ll cover labor and materials, so you’re only paying actual shipping costs. I’ll do regular Paypal on items under $300, but we’ll have to figure something else out for more expensive items. I can list on eBay, but will be adding 10% to cover their fees. Offers welcome.

1ea: Heavy 8-Thruster BROV2 with:

  • 4 Lumens
  • Newton Gripper
  • Aluminum electronics tube
  • Aluminum battery tube
  • Peek Bar100 depth sensor
  • RMG 3-pin tether quick disconnect
  • Commercial grade 10,000m rated buoyancy blocks
    Like new, only used in test tank, but I did get the gripper used from a friend and of course it works great. I was in the middle of updating the end cap to a custom 3/8" thick piece, so it’s disassembled at the moment. I had these thicker end caps made, but they’re not anodized, so I’ll include one if you like and will also be placing an order for a new one and will put everything back together.
    Total cost $4100, sell for: $3300

1ea: Standard 6-Thruster BROV2 with:

  • 4 Lumens
  • No gripper
  • Standard tubes
  • Standard depth sensor
  • RMG 3-pin tether quick disconnect
  • Standard buoyancy
    Like new, only used in test tank. It was a bit of a test bed to try out some things. The ESC’s are Littlbee’s, but all other electronics are from BR. I also have some spare ESC’s can include that are already programmed, but these worked great in testing. The bottom plate and side panels of the frame are machined by myself. The side panels are about 1" longer and there is currently a 4" bottle mounted for the battery enclosure. This was something I was working on as a means of sourcing cheaper batteries like the Turnigy Multistar 4S 10,000mah LiPo. I can also return this to the original configuration BR frame components and 3" battery enclosure.
    Total cost $3200, sell for: $2600

In regard to the above frame modification to fit a 4" battery bottle, give a holler if you’d like more of these, sell both 1" taller side panels for $75 shipped via Priority Mail to all 50 states. Also let me know if you have drawings and need any custom 3/8" or 1/2" marine board HDPE parts made. Happy to help out educational programs at material and shipping cost only. 1/8" radius or larger only please. :slight_smile:

1ea: 150m Fathom Spool with 200m slim tether, terminated with RMG 3-pin quick disconnect.
Like new, only used with test tank.
Total cost $1000, sell for: $800

1ea: Payload skid.
New, assembled on the bench only.
Total cost $264, sell for: $220

1ea: BROV2 Frame Kit minus the enclosure cradle
New, assembled on the bench only.
Total cost $280, sell for: $220

3ea: Fathom slim tether:
New. Lengths: 43m, 44m & 49m
$60ea shipped via Priority Mail to all 50 states.

3ea: LiIo Batteries
One is new and is the newer style BR, two are custom made by myself using used Tesla cells and welded with Kweld spot welder and balance leads are installed.
BR battery cost $289, sell for: $240
DIY battery cost ?, sell for $90ea.

I have a bunch of new Turnigy Multistar 4S 10,000mah batteries(XT60 connectors). Price is $60ea. Buy 2 or more and I’ll include Priority Mail to all 50 states.

Large custom made spool with 550m 7mm OD 22awg single twisted pair of foil shielded tether. Electrical resistance is less than 300m of the standard BR tether, plus it’s shielded, so it may work. It will communicate on the bench all spooled up, but Rusty had some early prototyping issues where the data jumps across wraps and looked like it would work fine, but then lose comms when it was all spooled out. So, I haven’t spooled this out and have no idea if it actually works. Worst case scenario is that you’d have to trim the tether back until it works. Was made for the purpose of getting to the bottom of Lake Tahoe. New. $1000

Also have a bunch of miscellaneous parts. Full set of replacement thruster nozzles and mounting brackets, sell all for $60. Also some custom made smaller spools similar to the Fathom, but they only hold 85m of standard tether and 200m of slim tether, sell for $260. 100m of R1 tether, sell for $100. Also have some Wetlink potting compound, not sure how many, some Scotchcast 2131, stuff like that.