BR Low Light Camera the same as ELP?


We are trying to add as many camera support to our DriverUI app and we were able to get the SDK for the ELP-USBFHD06H to adjust additional settings than traditional UVC settings.

We were wondering if the ELP H264 Camera is the same as the BR Low-Light HD USB Camera

The PCB layout looks exactly the same from front and back with the same texts and it seems to show up under the same name when plugged in “H264 USB Camera”. If it is the same, the SDK for ELP can be applied to the BR camera as well and that can help us add more cameras to our DriverUI app!

Blue’s PCB


Hi @DeepWaterExploration,

As far as I’m aware our lens is a bit different, and I’m unsure whether the camera options you linked to have the same connector on the back, but the supplier is the same so I expect the rest of the PCB and the camera firmware are likely the same as well.

I’m curious - what additional settings were you able to access via the SDK? :slight_smile:

The settings dont work that well atm which is why we dont think its compatible. Maybe its for a very old model. :frowning:

We will let you know what we find!

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