BR Low Light Camera breakup latency after change to BlueOS 1.1.1

Hi, I would love some help with this issue.

I am running a HP Probook 440 G7 with 16G RAM. It is about 4 years old and is on Windows 11.
I was running a BR Low light Camera into a Raspberry Pi V3 Model B and the old companion software.
That system was damaged and I bought a new electronics housing including camera and navigator and loaded BlueOS V 1.1.1
I am having a lot of trouble with breakup and lag from the camera, even at 640x480p and getting worse from there with higher resolution. Before this upgrade my system was fine, even with a 1080p stream.

I have eliminated any possible tether issues by going straight from the Fathomx bottom side wired directly to the FTXI Fathom x and then by printer cable to the
Laptop. I am getting good data speed on network tests most of the time, but sometimes it drops a lot to 1MBs or less. The data speed does vary a lot.

I am presenting the video in Open Broadcast Studio on my laptop. When I plug the camera in directly to the Laptop as a USB Camera everything is fine at highest resolution. When going through the BlueROV network I get short periods of good video then pixellation and latency of a second or more.

Has the video encoding changed from the old system to BlueOS? I saw a post about similar issues Suffering from latency and low resolution with Camera

A BR engineer suggested using the omx encoder

Could this help with my issue? Could someone please help me through exactly what commands I would need to run this encoder?

Any help would be very much appreciated. I have an urgent job to do with this machine and need to get it running properly.


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Just to clarify. The network tests are run using the BlueOS network test. Even with 50MBs up and down I am getting breakup, lost packets and latency. It seems very much like a processing issue rather than a network bandwith issue, although the bad processing may be causing choking of the bluerobotics network?


I’m facing the same issue, especially regarding the lag, in both BlueOS v.1.1.0 and v1.1.1. I got download/upload at 70 MBs and I have no drops when doing the network tests. What is strange is when I first connected to the vehicle after updating, everything seemed to be fine, but after a minute or so I started having lags and frames seemingly breaking. I tried to flash the SD card with v.1.1.1/0 again, but I still have the same problems. So, you might not be solely alone with this problem.

I ended up reverting to v.1.0.x for now, unfortunately.

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Thanks Bent. So was yours fine on v.1.0.x then?

Pretty good on 1.0.x (Just confirmed it was 1.0.2). I do have occasional frame breaks, but they don’t occur frequently (a few times every minute)

Thanks Brett, I’ll give that a go.