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Boyancy vs depth


Have anyone any figures how the boyancy change with the depth for BlueRov 2
If I have boyancy adjusted to be slightly positive and when at depth say 50 m it is not positive any more.


Hi Bo,

The buoyancy of the BlueROV2 will not change noticeably throughout its rated depth. Water is close to incompressible, so buoyancy would only decrease if parts of the BlueROV2 decreased in volume. The enclosures will not compress significantly before failure, and neither will the foam until its rated depth of 244m. There may be a tiny change in buoyancy at depth, but not enough to be noticed.


Perhaps it is the attitude stabilization producing a net force. Do you experience this behavior with the ROV in MANUAL mode or while it is disarmed?

Hi Jacob
I can experience this in MANUAL mode at depth. I will do some more tests when diving the next time.

// Bo

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