BlueROV2 on USA Idaho TV

My dad and I were featured on the Idaho public TV show Idaho Experiences. We spent a lot of the summer looking for the 150 tons of silver ore that went missing in Lake Coeur d’Alene. I think I shared a lot of the dives here.

I still need to fix the ROV. I thought I finally got it fixed, but the network loss keeps coming back. I’m probably going to have to strip down the electronics to look for a bad connection and maybe get another spool slip ring.

The section of the episode starts around 18:45, but I think the whole episode is worth watching:



so cool brian!!! thanks for sharing :grin:

Exciting stuff - thanks for sharing! :smiley:

Bummer to hear this.

Something that might help - we recently came across a library that interfaces with PowerLine Communications (like used by our Fathom-X boards), so @williangalvani has thrown together an extension that uses it, which may help with troubleshooting and finding connectivity issues :slight_smile:

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Hi @btrue -
One other thing to note - if by “network losses” you mean the camera feed dropping out, your camera may be suffering from a known issue covered in this technical bulletin. Feel free to reach out via our support form for a replacement!