Bluerov stream to client pc


What is the best way to stream the live video feed from BR2 camera to another computer on another network? To a client f.ex


Hi @Jhans,

If you’ve got the network bandwidth for it the most straightforward approach is likely using the ZeroTier Extension, although that provides full remote access to the vehicle, so is not suitable if you don’t want the connection to allow for vehicle control / access to BlueOS.

If you’re only looking to forward the video stream it’s a bit more involved - you should be able to set up some form of stream redirection using gstreamer (command-line application) or a streaming program like OBS, which you could then either stream through a public streaming service, or over a more targeted network connection between your control computer and the client one.

If you want to stream the display of the control interface then your best bet at this stage is likely using a video calling software (e.g. Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, etc).

Hi @EliotBR

Cheers. I was thinking about trying ZeroTier for remote access. Is it hard to set up? Once you got it installed on a computer and the raspberry pi, and connect to the same network, how do you get access to Qgroundcontrol? Do you use windows remote desktop or is it some settings in Qgroundcontrol that allows you to connect?

There are a few steps, but it’s not particularly challenging

I figured it was worth writing this down “properly”, so I went through the process a few times and made a pretty detailed set of instructions in the README - feel free to follow up if anything doesn’t work or isn’t clear :slight_smile:

Note that the README update won’t be visible in the extensions manager until my pull request is merged in and the next version of the extension has been released.

Thanks @EliotBR

Will try it as soon as possible, and let you know if i need anymore help :slight_smile:

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