BlueRov onboard camera flaky

Our ROV onboard camera vision is flaky. We are controlling ROV via joystick and looking at camera feed via QGroundControl. About every 10 seconds the video feed gets very pixelated and greyed out. This periodically happens. We suspect it’s some issue with encoding, and maybe the video software was dropping the base frame so QGroundControl was only displaying some “diff” images and therefore the rendering was grey. Do anyone have tips to get stable, clear and consistent video feed from BlueROV? Or are people also running into this?

Have a look at this thread:

Hi Bo, thanks for the response, we will try it out. Just to be sure, the version 4.1.4 is for QGroundControl and not for ArduSub right? Our current setup uses ArduSub v3.5.4, because ArduSub v4.0.x fails to connect to Companion software (raspberry pi) for some reason. Thanks!

Yes, that’s correct.

This is somewhat concerning, and doesn’t make much sense - I’ve raised it with our software team, although not particularly sure what could be going wrong. Hopefully they have some ideas :slight_smile:

Can you confirm you’re using a standard Pixhawk, and a Raspberry Pi 3B?

Adding to this, it may be worth going through our troubleshooting steps

Hi Eliot, we bought the ROV back in March 2021, so it’s the standard PixHawk and Raspberry Pi that ships with the stock build. It’s kinda weird that ArduSub v4.0.x doesn’t work with latest Companion software (see our experiments here: ROV connect to QGroundContorol Failure, Unable to control ROV or update firmware - #13 by searover2021). I guess we can use ArduSub v3.5.4 for now if ArduSub version is unrelated to camera flakiness or its fix.

I’ve responded there. Apologies for not getting back to you sooner on that.

They are unrelated issues, although I’m unsure if QGC 4.1.x has full support for the ArduSub 3.5.x parameters, so if there are “missing parameter” warnings then you’ll know that there’s some kind of mismatch.

Sounds good Eliot, we will try it out. Thanks for your help on this post and the previous post :slight_smile:

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